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With our 25ft telescoping boom we easily access areas within plants that can otherwise involve difficult rigging of hose & pipe. This allows for more efficient use of time for our crew and more efficient vacuuming.

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Anode Installation, Vacuumed 8-ft. Well Points & Tennis Postholes
Hydro jetting
Limited Access Crawlspace Excavation
Post & Footings Inspection & Removal
exposing Sewer Tunnels & Tunneling Under Existing Utilities
Vacuum excavation for Root Pruning


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Rail Car Clean-out, Tank Top Clean-up & misc.
Elevator Pit Clean-up
Hocky Rink Removal
Tank Cleaning
Power Plant Services
Roof Vacuuming

Industrial Application
Power Plant Services


Approx 10 yards of 'ash sludge' was vacuumed from these floor drains. Access to the drains was limited, so approximately 150 feet of pipe was laid out through the facility to remove this material.

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