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Industrial Applications

FLEX Services provides professional crews and vacuum equipment capable of removing or transferring a variety of materials within industrial and plant settings. Our equipment, developed from technology used to clean steel and coal plants throughout Eastern US, allows us to operate effectively in similarly difficult sites. With High Vacuum and Advanced Baghouse Filtration we are able to vacuum most types of material.

Rail Car Cleanout

Rail Car Clean outs

Problem: Limestone dust had crusted and hardened in the heals of railcar hoppers, preventing emptying through traditional means. The only access was through top manhole.

Flex Services Solution: Our vacuum system eliminated the need for employee entry into the railcar for cleaning by traditional shovel and bucket methods; and provided easy disposal of material from vacuum truck debris body.

Industrial Application

Industrial Applications

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Anode Installation, Vacuumed 8-ft. Well Points & Tennis Postholes
Hydro jetting
Limited Access Crawlspace Excavation
Post & Footings Inspection & Removal
exposing Sewer Tunnels & Tunneling Under Existing Utilities
Vacuum excavation for Root Pruning


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Rail Car Clean-out, Tank Top Clean-up & misc.
Elevator Pit Clean-up
Hocky Rink Removal
Tank Cleaning
Power Plant Services
Roof Vacuuming

Tank Top Conveyeror Clean-up

Tank Top Conveyor Clean-up

Limestone had accumulated at the upper conveyor heads of some storage tanks, in spots impeding the performance of the conveyor belts. Shoveling this material over the sides would have created a terrible mess and was certainly a safety hazard. Bucket removal would have been tedious and also was a safety concern.

We hooked our vacuum truck to approx. 100 ft of vertical piping to bring the working end of our hose to the top of these tanks. Once atop, we quickly vacuumed the material into our truck, and removed from site for disposal.

Tank Top Conveyor Head Cleaning

Tank Top Conveyor Head Cleaning

Difficutl Housekeeping Applications

Difficult Housekeeping Applications

Dust-control and general housekeeping are an issue for many or our industrial customers. We provide crews for cleaning at various locations throughout processing, manufacturing or power plant facilities. The long distance access of our vacuum trucks set us apart from our competitors, as does the professionalism and work-ethic of our crew. Our vacuum method of cleaning is particulary effective around and under machinery, conveyors, duct systems and other confined spaces. Hydro-blasting available when necessary.

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For more information, contact FLEX Services at 860-242-2500 or e-mail us.

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