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Vacuum Tunneling to tie-in sewer beneath existing utilities

The Problem: Working in downtown Hartford, the client needed to weave through and around existing utility duct banks for a service connection. At approx. 8ft deep in a narrow excavation the contractor needed to tunnel under several large duct banks for his connection.

Sewer Tie-in beneath existing utilities

The Flex Services Solution: With our ability to vacuum through a 6in line, we easily negotiated through trench box and ducts to access the work area. Vacuum-tunneling beneath these ductbanks, we were able to create a hole just large enough for his pipe. No mess of spoils at the bottom of his trench that would have been difficult to remove with so many obstructions.

Tunnel under utility ducts

Tunneling Under Existing Utility Ducts

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Hydro-Excavation to expose and replace sewer line under historic building

The Problem: An old clay sewer line that ran beneath a local tavern required replacement. Access to this line was very difficult because there was no basement or even a crawl space under this rear section of the historic building. This pipe needed to be exposed, while at the same time a tunnel needed to be dug to allow for replacement with updated PVC pipe. Hand digging this approx. 40ft section would be painstakingly slow and dangerous.

Sewer Tunnel

Sewer Tunnel

The Flex Services Solution: In less than a day, this job was safely completed with our hydro-excavator. Because we can excavate through small diameter hoses, we could attack the tunnel from both outside the building but also from inside the basement – setting up our hose through a small basement window. Working in from both sides with our water spade plus extension wands, the cracked sewer line was exposed and a tunnel created to allow for a new pipe to be installed.

Sewer Tunnel Basement

Sewer Tunnel Basement

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