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cathodic protection anode nstallation

Cathodic Protection Anode Installation

The Problem: In close proximity to underground tanks and building utilitie, the client required 12ft X 10in holes for anodes for corrosion protection of underground tanks. A minimal footprint for equipment and spoil was needed so the business could remain open throughout this process.

The Flex Services Solution: With vacuum excavation, we eliminated the risk of damage to any other underground utilities. Spoils were vacuumed into debris body and removed from the site. Minimal restoration was required.

Installing Anodes

Installing Anodes

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Piling and Shoring Applications

Piling and Shoring Applications

Vacuumed 8 ft Well Points

Vacuumed 8-ft. Well Points

The Problem: Pouring bridge abutments is never an easy job, made more difficult when performed in November within feet of a fast flowing and high profile stream.

The Flex Services Solution: This contractor hired us to vacuum holes for well points, within 2-3ft of the rivers edge, to assist in de-watering their work area. Access when working in a streambed is never easy, but the process was further complicated by the presence of sheet-piling and a watchful eye from the DOT Inspector. Two well points were successfully dug, each approximately 2ft in diameter by 7ft deep. Spoils were hauled to a suitable dumpsite and the stream was left undisturbed. Our portion of this project was completed in approximately 6 hours.

Tennis Net Post Holes

Tennis Net Post Holes

The Problem: The new tennis courts at a local school were ready for paving and sealing. But this job had a tight schedule and the contractor wanted the net posts installed first. Traditionally, footing holes would have been augered with a bobcat. However, this process would leave many tire marks and spoils to clean-up.

The Flex Services Solution: FLEX was contacted to vacuum excavate these holes, as a cleaner and faster and safer alternative. Though there was little likelihood of striking any buried utilities, why take a chance on (20), 18”x 42” holes. This job was accomplished within our 4 hour minimum call-out.

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