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Vacuum Excavation Services

With specialized wet/dry high vacuum equipment, FLEX Services provides a diverse set of services to both the Construction and Industrial markets. Our industry-leading technology gives us the versatility to move most materials at further distances and with faster loading times than traditional vacuum methods. Each truck is fully self-contained, with debris capacity of 13.5 yards, a hot/cold water washer to assist in material removal and a 1,400-gallon water tank. The combination of high vacuum and high CFM allows materials to be moved up to 250ft horizontally and 30ft vertically, even further under ideal operating conditions. Our range of services, from tight access excavations to confined space clean-outs, can help you do more with less--less headaches, less backaches, less time and less project dollars.

The Problem: Client needed to excavate approx. 200ft from road to residence to upgrade existing service. The proposed excavation was within close proximity of direct buried power line, and also crossed in several places; service to underground sprinklers and driveway lighting as well as sanitary sewer. Slot trenching also minimized disruption through existing landscaping, walkways and crossing the driveway.

The Flex Services Solution: Our vacuum excavation process caused no disruption of any services for homeowner. We minimized excavations and eliminated spoils for minimal restoration. Vacuum excavation eliminated the risk of damage to any other underground utilities.

Construction Applications

Vacuum excavation is not new technology. Utility companies have employed these techniques for years to operate safely around buried infrastructure, or keyhole to confirm facility locations. What is new is the increase in applications for vacuum excavation due to the improvements in the productivity and cost-efficiency of the equipment.

At FLEX Services, we have the capability to dig using water, 3,000psi through a steel lance, for high production excavations, but can also use high pressure air when applications prohibit any moisture. Below are just some of the services we can provide:

  • Slot Trenching
  • Utility Pole Holes
  • Expose Utilities
  • Elevator Pits
  • Limited Access Excavations
  • Piling Holes
  • Erosion/Siltation Removal
  • Drilling/Boring Applications
  • Basins/Manholes
  • Frozen Ground Excavation
  • Remote Power Washing
  • Sewer/Water Main Repairs
  • Anode Installation

Industrial Services

FLEX Services can provide professional crews and vacuum equipment capable of removing or transferring a variety of materials within Industrial and Plant settings. Our equipment, developed from technology used to clean steel and coal plants throughout Eastern US, allows us to operate effectively in similarly difficult sites.

Roof Vacuuming

Roof Vacuuming

At Flex services we can handle most 'roofvac' jobs, vaccuming pea stone, gravel, river rock, etc.  Next day service is often available as is flexible scheduling to avoid disrupting clients.  Roof Vacuuming is only one of many services we can provide.  Our 25ft extend-a-boom  makes vacuuming roofs quicker and safer.     


If you have a difficult industrial or construction excavation or clean up problem, or would like more information about Vacuum Excavation Services, contact FLEX Services at 860-242-2500 or e-mail us.

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